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Amhara National Regional State

Urban Development, Housing and Construction Bureau


The Amhara National Regional State was established in accordance with Proclamation No. 4/1988 in accordance with its authority to establish executive bodies and determine their powers and functions. It was re-established as the Urban Development, Housing and Construction Bureau.

Mission to harvest-

Ensuring the benefit of the citizens by enabling the cities of the region to follow modern land management system, plan, lead, expand infrastructure, be clean, beautiful, development and service center and build a developed construction industry.


To see the cities of the region with sustainable development and good governance, suitable for living and working and a competitive construction industry.

Values ​​dep-

While all moral values ​​may be valued, we will focus on the values ​​listed below.

  • We will work hard to ensure that the society benefits from development in an organized manner.

  • Customer satisfaction is our identity,

  • Quality and efficiency are our hallmarks.

  • We respect our customers,

  • We believe in teamwork,

  • We are ready to learn and change,

  • Saving is our culture,

  • We abhor corruption,

  • We believe in results,

  • We cultivate love of work, respect and good manners.

Principles of practice:

  1. We will build a transformational force that can carry out our missions efficiently and quickly by holding broad mobilization forums at all levels.

  2. Citizens' trust and satisfaction are the measure of our success.

  3. We make service delivery fair, efficient and effective;

  4. We work to ensure that the community actively participates in all areas of development.

  5. We work together as private investors and stakeholders are key partners in the sector's mission.

  6. We will strengthen teamwork by enhancing work ethic, ethics and example.

  7. We increase our effectiveness by focusing on research and development.

Operational values:

  • Always give full satisfaction to the customer

  • Creating a comfortable work environment and good working relationships

  • Provide efficient and quality service

  • Excessive use,

  • Develop the principle of gender equality